The Oxfordshire Strategic Schools Partnership Board (SSPB) brings together representatives of key educational organisations in Oxfordshire with the shared vision of ensuring coherence and strategic oversight for school improvement in order that tranformational outcomes for all Oxfordshire learners, and especially those of vulnerable and disadvantaged learners, are achieved.


The Strategic Schools Partnership Board includes representatives from the following:


  • Further Education - Abingdon and Witney College
  • Higher Education - The University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University
  • Oxford Diocesan Board of Education
  • Oxfordshire County Council
  • Oxfordshire Governors' Association
  • Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance
  • Oxfordshire Primary Schools
  • Oxfordshire Secondary Schools
  • Oxfordshire Special Schools
  • Oxford City and Oxfordshire District Councils


The board, which meets 6 times a year, is chaired by Rebecca Matthews who is independent of the organisations represented.


The SSPB agrees school improvement priorities based on Oxfordshire schools’ data and information and  commissions work which addresses these priorities.


Reporting to SSPB is the Operational School to School Support Group which includes the following membership:


  • OCC Education Quality Commissioner
  • Oxford Diocesan Board of Education
  • Primary school headteacher
  • Special school headteacher
  • Secondary school headteacher
  • OCC Early Years Leader
  • OCC Data Manager
  • Helen von der Osten (Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance & Chair)


The Operational School to School Support Group brokers school improvement work. It oversees the applications for funding from The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) for National Leaders for Education (NLEs) and provides a forum for all partners to have ‘joined up’ discussions about their work with schools, for example through local Leaders of Education (LLEs).


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